About us

We have been providing our services on the market as a subcontractor for institutional companies from Lower Silesia since 2000. We successfully carry out investments for clients from the heavy transport, automotive and industrial sector.
As a reliable and professional business partner, our company is determined to meet the needs of demanding clients.
Chromax is, above all, a team of committed and passionate professionals. We are aware that the implementation of the manufacturing process on today’s market is for the most part uniform. Methods of project execution are determined by the developed technical methods and applicable formal requirements. An investment can be better or worse, without exceeding the agreed time frame and budget.
In our business activities, we have decided to deal with the implementation of cutting-and-bending projects, adopting best practices from highly developed markets. For this purpose we have started a manufacturing company, whose strength and capital are its employees. Our team of experts has developed methods of management and organization of the process in such a way as to fully meet the expectations and needs of our clients.
We have our own extensive base of hardware, and we are able to quickly organize technologies tailored to client requirements. Technological facilities of our company include: lasers, press brakes, a paint shop, a welding shop and the emergency response team who provides us with comfort and the necessary time required for solid preparation and further implementation of projects.
Our highest priority is the trust of our clients for whom we are a reliable and solid partner. Our credibility in the services market is strengthened by prestigious orders from our partners.